News/General News

This was an interesting assignment to do. I needed to find something to photograph that fell under the category of news or general news. News was something that happened in the moment such as an accident or fire both of which don’t happen that often which makes it hard to catch a photo of. The second thing to take a picture of was general news which could be stories about events or things that happened in the community. I chose to take photos of my neighborhood after a storm went through Thursday night. There was a storm last week as well that broke some branches and this big storm knocked many of them down and scattered branches all over the lawn as well as knocked down a big tree in a woods near my house. I thought I would be able to get some images of the damage of the storm both the morning after and as it was headed away from us. It was still raining when I took most of these photos, so they are pretty accurate as to what it looked like outside.

I think it is relevant because while things like accidents happen, it is hard to get to them on time before the cleanup is done. Something like a storm affects all of us and is hard to predict what the damage will be so I think a lot of good news stories can come from storms and natural disasters. Sure, this wasn’t the worst storm but it still did damage to my neighborhood which was news for all of us living around the area, and I think larger storms would be more relevant to the community of Saint Cloud as a whole.

I used a Nikon D3400 with both the standard and telephoto lenses. For my tripod I used just the standard AmazonBasics one. For editing I used the default windows editing tool and Adobe Photoshop on an iMac for color correction.

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