Personality Profile/Multimedia Project COMM 242

Sister Del Marie Rysavy has been teaching at Saint Cloud State since 1990. As a farm girl growing up in rural, Southern Minnesota, she would have never guessed at where life would take her; to obtain a doctorate, travel to Rome, and end up a college professor teaching computer science. It all started when she was just a child.

“My first eight grades of school were in a one room schoolhouse,” said Rysavy. The advantages of a classroom with only 30 students was not lost on her. “We learned to be very independent in our studies,” said Rysavy, “in an hour’s time we may have only had 5 minutes with the teacher, but we would hear things the other grades were taught and that would either reinforce what we already knew, or help us to learn ahead of our time.” She learned to study on her own, a quality that helped her all her life.

“We had sisters come to our school every summer to teach religious education, sometimes Franciscan sisters, and sometimes the School Sisters of Notre Dame,” says Rysavy, a SSND herself, “Our parents always spoke of these sisters like it was an ideal to live that kind of life.” When Rysavy’s older sister decided to join the community, she followed. Looking back on her life, she doesn’t know where she would be had she not made that decision.

Rysavy went to Mount Mary College in Milwaukee, Wisconsin for a bachelor’s in math with a music minor. She went on to obtain a master’s degree in math over the course of 3 summers, through a grant from the national science foundation. “At the time, the computers were just those big mainframes and the way to communicate with them was punch cards,” says Rysavy, “I was curious and learned a bit of Fortran and that got me into programming and figuring out ways to do things right from the beginning.”

Rysavy went on to teach high school for 8 years, where she went on to develop a program for the school in Flexible Modular Scheduling. All teachers needed a way to make adjustments in classes and scheduling. After 90 hours of writing it out by hand, Rysavy decided, “hey, I think the computer could do that.” In the following months, all while teaching full time, Rysavy finished the program that allowed the school’s scheduling to go digital.

Before she knew it, Rysavy was called by the School Sisters of Notre Dame to go to Rome and work on finances there. “I knew no Italian, and I didn’t know bookkeeping either!” recalls Rysavy, “My theory is that after I had those few courses in Fortran, and my success with programming for the school, they looked at me and thought. ‘Well, here’s a person who can do anything’ and sent me over.”

Rysavy worked in Rome for the first time from 1974 to 1984. “When I got home, my advisor asked me what I was interested in and I said ‘the use of technology for teaching.’” This led her to obtain her doctorate from the University of Minnesota in education curriculum and instruction. She returned to Rome at a later date, before coming back to teach at Saint Cloud State University. She now enjoys teaching and advising students in her office, where classical music can always be heard.

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Rysavy currently teaches 3 courses, CNA-267 in Python programming, a business course in Microsoft Excel, and CNA-397 in the history of various operating systems and some basic programming. One former student, Nick Ringsmuth said, “You can tell she really cares about her students, she puts in the time and helps people through programs.”


-Albert Rysavy (2018)


Photojournalism Group Final Project


This is the cumulative work that I have put in all semester for this group project. I will be posting the part that I worked on which was interviewing one professor, one staff member and one student. I will post my 3 videos that I spent the last couple months filming, editing and uploading to YouTube. This project was a great opportunity to put to use the camera that I bought for this class at the beginning of the semester. It also really helped me focus on my framing and setup of a shot for an interview. Through the editing I learned a lot of new tricks and cool things to do in Premiere Pro in terms of color correction and making the video look more cinematic.

Starting out, I asked one staff member that I knew to do an interview with me on Monday, Nov.12, 2018. The staff member that I knew was my supervisor at the Department of Campus Involvement, Lori Laudenbach. The next person I interviewed was Sister Del Marie Rysavy, a professor of computer science at St. Cloud State. I interviewed her after one of her classes on Friday, Nov. 16, 2018. My third interviewee was Melanie Pelli, a student at St. Cloud State who I interviewed on Tuesday, Nov. 20, 2018. The questions I asked included those about what each person liked about St. Cloud State, what their favorite part of campus was, what they thought had changed in the time they had been here, and what they saw for SCSU’s future. I spent the next 3 weeks editing the videos and checking in during class to make sure I was up to standards with the videos and articles the rest of my group were making.

Lori Interview:

Del Interview:

Melanie Interview:

If I could redo the project I think I would work on better framing and shooting more B-Roll with my camera, you can never have too much B-Roll. I would also get a better microphone for my camera. I had to do some work on the audio in Premiere Pro to get it clearer and eliminate the static in the background. Finally, I would love to spend more time taking more photos of each person and incorporate them into a multimedia type of project where you tell their story with words and have the clip to support the story. Overall, I really enjoyed this class and the project overall!

List of Duties Completed:

October 2018 – November 2018: Formed project and vision with group. Each person is to bring forward one student, one staff member, and one professor that they will interview.

Monday, Nov. 12, 2018: Lori Laudenbach Interview

Friday, Nov. 16, 2018: Del Rysavy Interview

Tuesday, Nov. 20, 2018: Melanie Pelli Interview

11/19/18 – 12/4/18: Editing Videos

Thursday, Dec. 6, 2018: Presented one video with group project.

List of Equipment Used:

Camera: Nikon D3400 with the standard Lens shooting at both 4k – 60fps and 1080p – 60fps

SD Cards: Sandisk Ultra 32Gb

Tripod: Amazon Basics DSLR Tripod

Some B-Roll Footage: iPhone SE shot at 4k – 30fps

Editing: Adobe Premiere Pro

Link to Group Project:

Team People (My Team):

All: AND

This point of this project was to highlight all of the wonderful work going on at St. Cloud State, the culture here, and the people. Each group took a different aspect of the university and came up with a photojournalistic perspective on it. We had 4 teams: People, Place, Culture and Future. Through all of the work we put in during the first couple months of class and with all of the skills we acquired, we put them to use and came up with this culmination of our whole class’s work. We hope that it will serve as a statement to the culture of SCSU, why people come here and love it, and tell the stories of the people here and their hope for the future.



Movie Project

The Deranged Trailer

The latest project we worked on in this class, well actually the final, was a movie project. We decided to take the movie in a darker direction. Per the description: “A college student believes to have witnessed a traumatic event that will continually haunt her.”

This was a big project for all of us. I was the executive producer, and my partner, Calvin Barker, was the Producer. In all this 3 minute short took over 2 weeks to film and produce. The filming took place in 12 hours over 4 days, and the editing is still being worked on. Updates will follow as the video is brought to completion.

Edit: Included the Link

Edit 2: Link will remain private until the final cut is produced.

Drawing Images

The above images were added from a class assignment using photoshop. The idea was that we take an image we photographed and add our school mascot, Blizzard, in. We then edit the photos so they can be used as coloring pages in a possible future coloring book.

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