I am a senior Relational Communication Major/Mass Communication Minor studying at St Cloud State University. I plan to graduate in December of 2018 after which I will be looking for a job within either my major or minor. This site is primarily to be used for my work in the classes in my minor, but also may be used to showcase some of my personal art.

I grew up loving to take photos. Ever since I was young, my dad always carried a camera with him on vacation or whenever we traveled, just waiting for the right shot or to catch a candid photo of his kids. I grew up loving to follow his lead and bring my own little disposable camera to take pictures with. One of my favorite things was going to Walmart to get my photos developed. Anyway, now that I have a DLSR (A Nikon d3400) I can take my photography to the next level and work to get better at what I love to do.

This semester, I will be posting a lot for my Photojournalism class at St. Cloud State where I will attempt to take and post professional pictures, with descriptions that are journalistic. Thanks again for visiting!