Sports Assignment

This was a fun assignment to shoot as I have always loved going to SCSU games, my favorite of which are hockey games. This one was particularly enjoyable to shoot photos of since I got a good seat, and with the rotation of side, got some good shots of both teams.

I like the ones I got of players engaging with each other, their teams, and going after the puck. My favorite ones however, are the ones where a single player or even two are just standing on the ice, or waiting for the puck to drop.

I think some of the action shots really convey the tension and speed of the game.

I had my shutter speed set very low, which made the color a bit off although I was able to balance that later in Photoshop. I think regardless, having that quick shutter speed really helped catch some of the action.


I used a Nikon D3400 with both the standard and telephoto lenses. For my tripod I used just the standard AmazonBasics one. For editing I used the default windows editing tool and Adobe Photoshop on an iMac for color correction and cropping.

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