The Beauty of SCSU (Intro Assignment)

This assignment was to take several different shots of the University itself, and the surrounding area. I chose to focus on the nature side of campus and how beautiful it is around here, especially at this time of year. I also got some help from my girlfriend posing in some of the photos and walking around campus as I shot photos of her. Some of the most beautiful shots I got were of or on the Mississippi. This was easy to get shots of as St. Cloud State University is right on the Mississippi and has beautiful trails that run along it for some ways. Some people don’t always think of Minnesota or even Saint Cloud as conventionally beautiful but I set out to show the better looking side of this area. The first few photos are all of the Mississippi or of things on or in it, but I moved on slowly into campus as the photo shoot went on, focusing on some more metro looking sides of campus and then the beauty of Barden park which is a part of campus. Some of the editing was to correct the color or to compensate for the exposure but the rest of it was just to balance the gray levels of the photos and even out the highs and lows. Overall I was happy with the results!


I used a Nikon D3400 with both the standard and telephoto lenses. For my tripod I used just the standard AmazonBasics one. For my panoramic photo I used my iPhone SE with the same camera as the iPhone 6s and I think it looked pretty good for a photo photo. For editing I used Adobe Photoshop on an iMac.

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